Sydney Cash

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School – Boston, USA.

Massachusetts General Hospital.

LECTURE: The Emergence of Single Neurons in Clinical Epileptology.

Single neuron actions and interactions are the sine qua non of brain function, and nearly all diseases and injuries of the central nervous system trace their clinical sequelae to neuronal dysfunction or failure. Remarkably, discussion of neuronal activity is largely absent in clinical neuroscience.

Advances in neurotechnology and computational capabilities, accompanied by shifts in theoretical frameworks, have led to renewed interest in the information represented by single neurons. In his talk Sydney Cash will explore: I- single neuronal activity in restoring communication and motor control in patients suffering from devastating neurological injuries, II- single neuron's role in epilepsy and movement disorders, surgical anesthesia, and in cognitive processes disrupted in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disease, and III- how technological advances will revolutionize neurotherapeutics.