Ashok Shetty

College Station – Texas, USA.

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine.

LECTURE: Intranasal Mesenquimal Stem Cell-Derived A1-Exosomes ease Inflammation, and Prevent Abnormal Neurogenesis and Memory Dysfunction after Status Epilepticus.

In his lecture, Ashok Shetty will demonstrate that intranasal (IN) administration of A1-exosomes alleviates multiple adverse changes that typically emerge after status epilepticus (SE), a medical crisis that presents a high propensity to evolve into chronic hippocampus dysfunction. Specifically, A1-exosome treatment after SE reduced neuron loss and inflammation, maintains normal neurogenesis and preserve cognitive and memory functions.

He will show also significant those results are for clinical application of A1-exosomes for curbing the evolution of SE-induced injury into chronic hippocampus dysfunction. The results also imply that IN administration of A1-exosomes is therapeutic for other neurological conditions that present with significant neuroinflammation.