Dolores E. Lopez

Universidad de Salamanca – Salamanca, España.

Instituto de Neurociencias.

LECTURE: Molecular Tools to Characterize Seizure Susceptibility in Rodent Genetic Models of Epilepsy.

The complexity of epilepsy requires intense interdisciplinary research for better understanding of its etiology. Thus, a variety of models are available for exploring different aspects of epilepsy such as in silico, in vivo, and in vitro. Some in vivo models represent the natural association between genetic predisposition and external events that trigger seizures, like genetic models of epilepsy audiogenic, which seizures are triggered by high intensity acoustic stimulation.

Dolores E. López presentation will discuss the basic mechanisms associating genetic predisposition to epilepsy, microarrays-detected early gene expression after seizures, and the recognition of new targets that could be consequently tested in the development of antiepileptic drugs.