Greg Dunn

Philadelphia – USA.

Greg Dunn Design

LECTURE: Self-Reflected Brain: Dreams and Consciousness in Neuroscience and the Arts.

Dunn is a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, and his approach to art mirrors his scientific background.

He uses pipettes to deliver precise amounts of pigment to the canvas, creates wet lab-style workflow protocols so that he can accurately reproduce techniques later, makes digital mock-ups of a project before putting his brush to canvas, and uses his knowledge of chemistry to precisely manipulate the variety of materials he utilizes in his work.

But while his approach to his art is influenced by a knowledge of neuroscience and the scientific method, his approach to life is influenced by the artists and culture he looks to for artistic inspiration.

Greg Dunn’s struggle to emulate and expand upon the work of artists from centuries before his time adds human emotion, conflict, and context to the abstract forms and tendrils of the neurobiological landscape.