Julian Tejada

Universidade Federal de Sergipe – Aracaju, Brasil.
LECTURE: Computational Neuroscience and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Scaling from Neurons to Networks.

Epilepsy research has been strongly involved in the main neuroscience discoveries, and the Computational Neuroscience area is not an exception. One of the most studied models is the simulation of abrupt changes in neuronal responses or networks induced by continuous seizures or Status Epilepticus. Due to the fact that a number of different models have been developed, from lumped up to detailed deterministic approaches, the development of additional models depends on the availability of experimental data which, usually are not valued, several times not recorded or even published.

In his talk Julian Tejada will show the process to build realistic computational models of dentate gyrus and will try to make evident the necessary information and the sequential steps to do it. Finally, he will show how capturing data and building the models are important tasks, not only for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, but to generate hypotheses to be tested at the bench or to be applied for Translational Neuroscience challenges.